The Great Canadian Pastime of Curling

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The Winter Olympics aren’t too far off and if you don’t have a good television provider, I would invite you to learn more before reading any further.

Sure, while some people consider the Winter Olympics to be the wrap party to the main event, the fact is that the Winter Games can be just as spectacular. The Winter Games also feature a different set of events including the great Canadian pastime known as Curling.

Curling is where you take a curling weight and slide it across the ice. The objective is to make the weight stop at the center of a target on the ice. It’s like shuffleboard only you have people with brushes and brooms sweeping the ice to help the weight along. The brooms not only sweep away debris, but gradually melt the ice allowing for greater momentum as the weight travels toward the goal.

Great curlers include Orest Meleschuk and Robert LaBonte, and you might just hear their names mentioned during this Year’s Winter Games. While the names might not jump out at you, that does not diminish the importance of the sport. Sure, curling isn’t as straightforward as Hockey or Basketball, but it requires a level of intellect and judgment that few sports demand.

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