How To Find A Division One Team In Canada

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If you are serious about finding a division I team in Canada, then you need to be involved with either soccer or hockey. These are the two sports that have the most division one schools in Canada. There are 40 division I schools that participate in hockey. There are less for soccer, but there is still plenty of choice for potential division I athletes. The key to getting into one of these schools is to demonstrate your athlete skills along with your application.

If you reside in the United States, it will be hard for Canadian scouts to see you. Division I schools only scout the very best players from other countries, so if you do not figure in that category you will not be seen. Sending in a video, or videos, of your participation in games, training sessions and individual exercises is the best way to get admission through a division I scholarship.

When you show your skills during the application process, you will inevitably come into contact with their team’s coach. This is your chance to impress him with your personality and your dedication to the sport. If the coach feels you are someone who can make an impact on their team, your chances of getting into a division I school will improve greatly.

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