Beyond Retirement : Seven Tips To Keep Retiree Players Fit

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Being a retiree can be a challenge for anyone, but the most difficult aspect of it is remaining in good shape. Many athletes find that when they remove the athletic competition from their life they find it difficult to remain in shape. Here are seven tips that might help:

1. Continue a decent level of daily exercise, despite the fact that there are no more competitions to train for.

2. Eat right. While it is good to enjoy oneself in retirement, do not let your eating habits spiral out of control. Maintain a similar diet to your pre-retirement days with added exceptions every now and then.

3. Compete in different events such as charities or other friendly tournaments. This will help you keep motivated to stay in shape and give you something to be excited about.

4. Get involved with the sport you love in a different way. Taking up coaching could be a good way to stay in shape. Instead of staying home all day you will be out and about.

5. Go to the gym more often. While athletes might not have had time to go to the gym regularly during their playing days, they can certainly do so when they retire. Getting a routine going can really help fitness levels.

6. Check your weight on a regular basis. Athletes never have to worry about their weight, as they know they are in shape. Once you retire it is good to keep track of it, so you can tell if you are ever gaining too much too fast.

7. Get regular check ups at your doctor’s office, in order to make sure you are perfectly healthy.Related Article : “Teaching our boys to treat ladies with deference, we choose not to place them in an athletic…”

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