Five Popular Sports That Unite The Canadian People

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There are many sports that are popular in Canada, but there are five that are more popular than all of the rest. The first sport that is extremely popular in Canada is Ice Hockey. There are many professional teams that are based in Canada, which Canadians love to attend.

Another sport that is popular is lacrosse. Lacrosse is growing in popularity all over the world, however, it is the oldest sport that is played in Canada. Canadian football is also very popular. It is just like the American version of football. There is even a championship game at the end of the season where a team can win the Grey Cup, which is Canada’s largest sporting event.Get more information here.

Soccer is also popular in Canada. Soccer is special in Canada because it is the most popular sport that people play, it has the most people signed up to play than any other sport. They have many professional soccer teams in different cities in Canada.

One final sport that is popular to play and attend in Canada is baseball. Baseball is a sport that many people enjoy going to watch. Baseball has a history in Canada, the world’s first baseball game actually took place in Canada.

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