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How To Find A Division One Team In Canada

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If you are serious about finding a division I team in Canada, then you need to be involved with either soccer or hockey. These are the two sports that have the most division one schools in Canada. There are 40 division I schools that participate in hockey. There are less for soccer, but there is [...]

Six Most Successful Ways Of Running Soccer Academies

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A soccer academy can help any soccer player improve his or her skills. This is the primary reason why soccer players of all ages attend soccer academies every year. Many young players have aspirations of becoming great like Atiba Hutchinson. Canada has produced many superstars over the years. Many soccer experts and commentators now recognize [...]

Beyond Retirement : Seven Tips To Keep Retiree Players Fit

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Being a retiree can be a challenge for anyone, but the most difficult aspect of it is remaining in good shape. Many athletes find that when they remove the athletic competition from their life they find it difficult to remain in shape. Here are seven tips that might help: 1. Continue a decent level of [...]

Five Popular Sports That Unite The Canadian People

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There are many sports that are popular in Canada, but there are five that are more popular than all of the rest. The first sport that is extremely popular in Canada is Ice Hockey. There are many professional teams that are based in Canada, which Canadians love to attend. Another sport that is popular is [...]

Welcome To the thrilling Canadian Sports

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Hockey is Canada’s favorite sport, and there are a host of teams that regularly compete with the best players in the world. Canada’s national teams won the last Olympics, and their players fill the top rosters of the premier hockey clubs of the National Hockey League (NHL). Many players prefer to play for a Canadian [...]